Fixture Group:

Angels and Devils


Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
07/05/11 02:05 PM 3 Pack Plus one Purple Nurple Stalingraad NCF
07/05/11 02:05 PM Agents of Chaos powerfrog Unification Germany NCF
07/05/11 02:05 PM DYNASTY G1 Arms Race NCF
07/05/11 02:05 PM Decended Ones Good German Beer Stalingrad FCS
07/05/11 02:05 PM Trolls the fantastic four-skins Land And Sea NuCS
07/05/11 02:05 PM Unknown Team Essex World 2.1 FCS
07/05/11 02:05 PM Zizo Evil Pig Renters King's Court NCF
17/05/11 04:00 AM G1 EMPIRE Oceania, ECS
17/05/11 04:00 AM Good German Beer DYNASTY Peloponnesian War NCF
17/05/11 04:00 AM Purple Nurple Agents of Chaos First Nations of South America ECF
17/05/11 04:00 AM Team Essex 3 Pack Plus one Great Lakes NCF
17/05/11 04:00 AM Trolls Zizo Land And Sea NuCS
17/05/11 04:00 AM powerfrog DBC A SQUADRON feudal epic ECF
17/05/11 04:00 AM the fantastic four-skins Unknown pearl harbor NCF
28/05/11 02:05 PM 3 Pack Plus one the fantastic four-skins Stalingraad NCF
28/05/11 02:05 PM Agents of Chaos Team Essex Unification Germany NCF

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